Elena Kats-Chernin - Artistic Patron 

I am absolutely delighted to be asked to represent Acacia Quartet as their Artistic Patron.

We met back in March 2011 during a week of rehearsals at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, when they performed six of my works. Acacia had only formed as a quartet the previous year but were already showing great commitment to one another and a very high level of musicianship. I loved the way they played from their hearts and were so dedicated to discover the music behind the dots. Finally, I thought, this is the perfect group to record my string quartet pieces!

With the kind support of Vexationss840, Acacia and I embarked on a wonderful journey of preparing my complete works for string quartet for CD. Acacia came to my home to rehearse a few times before heading to the studio so I got to know them individually. My funniest memory was watching one of the recording sessions from Berlin via Skype! In true Acacian innovativeness, they launched our Blue Silence CD in November 2012 with a spinning wheel listing all 24 tracks and a chance for the audience to spin 'The Wheel of Elena' to decide what they would perform live.

Acacia have earned the well deserved reputation as one of the most passionate and dedicated ensembles in Australia and many of my composer colleagues have also asked them to present their works on the concert platform. They play with integrity, connect with their audience and present dynamic programs always from their heart.

I am very honoured to be associated with Acacia and wish them the best of luck with their musical adventures.

Elena Kats-Chernin